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PRODUCT REVIEW: Automatic Feeders

This is an interesting product I think has value, in particular to those of us who work off the farm & really need time efficiency. These are automatic feeders with timers & ration control. They are wall mounted above your feedtroughs & can be set to dump as much feed as you want from a handful to a whole trough full. Great device if competition is an issue because it can be programmed to dump small portions throughout the day. Alpacas quickly learn to listen for the grain to fall out & go inside to feed. We have a client who travels all over for work & swears by them.

They are pricey at a few hundred dollars each, but ease anxiety if you work shiftwork, or are running late at work. I would say the limitations beside cost is that you really cant single feed an animal ( unless it is stalled with an automatic feeder), and I wouldnt recommend for creeps because choke is common in youngsters learning to eat grain. Otherwise a neat product.