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Winner of "Mother of the Year Award"

Miss Motor Honey family
An extraordinary alpaca doesn't come along every day. Yes, yes, they are all special in their own ways, of course. But to win our "Mother of the Year" award takes a very special lady. This year's winner is Miss Motor Honey. After she delivered a beautiful little female of her own, an unforeseen tragedy occurred and we were faced with a 2 month old orphan cria from another mom. I immediately thought Miss Motor Honey may make a terrific nurse-mom for our orphan, but trying to convince her was no easy task. After alot of encouragement and latenight chats, Miss Motor Honey took on the orphan as her adopted daughter! Although we still have to bottle feed the orphan some milk, Miss Motor Honey has made "Pearl" an equal member of her family. Thank you Miss Motor Honey!!