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Additional Site! We are Expanding!

I know it looks like we've been absent for awhile, but nothing could be farther from the truth!
We are super busy keeping up with social media-namely our Facebook page. Please follow us on Fb for current farm events, pictures and ramblings!!!


Great, great product. A must to have on hand for every owner/breeder. It is a biological mixture in paste form to treat diarrhea of unknown cause. Great to give to quickly clear up diarrhea until you can get a vet out to diagnose the problem.
Can be purchased online from numerous retailers.

PRODUCT REVIEW : The Ultimate Skin Therapy

The name is decieving, Bug Check Field Formula, but this feed supplement is a great way to treat & heal a wide variety of skin issues naturally. We were first turned on to this product at the FEI World Equestrian Games several years ago. Can be dosed for horses, alpacas, dogs, cats, ect. It takes a little time to build up in the system & promote new healthy skin growth but once it kicks in, the results are impressive. At around 25$ per bag, a worthwhile investment & easy management fix for skin

Dancing Horse Farm Embryo Transfer!

When the Alpaca Owners Association approved registrations of cria born from embryo transfer this past December, we knew we would jump right in. With our partners at Little Creek Farm, we began lining up embryo donors & recipients.

With very little adjustments to our techniques, we were able to quickly recover embryos in my alpaca research laboratory at Little Creek Farm.

To our knowledge, we are amongst a small elite group of breeders in the country to demonstrate success


This is a great product we discovered through our local vet. THIS IS THE VETERINARY FORMULA- not the same as the Vetericyn found at Tractor Supply, WalMart or pet stores. The veterinary formula has twice the concentration of active ingredients, thus more powerful & works faster. Dont waste money on the other stuff; if it doesnt say " VF" on the label it is not.
Vetericyn VF is a wound care spray that works extremely well on all types of cuts, abrasions, scrapes. We use it on our horses an

PRODUCT REVIEW: Equine Full Bucket Probiotic

This is a product that our equine Internist recommended a few years ago to treat an outbreak of cria diarrhea in our maternity ward. I was skeptical at first, but after trying course of Naxcel on a couple of cria with no results, out of desperation I tried it. How could a probiotic help diarrhea? WOW, is all I can say. This is no typical probiotic. The usual probiotic most alpaca owners use is Probios, which contains lactobacillus spp of bacteria to help with digestion.

Equine Full B

PRODUCT REVIEW: Adjustable Rake

I really love this one. This is such a great tool, I regret not inventing it myself! It is a collapsing adjustable aluminum rake. We have a couple in the barns & they are just perfect space savers. The rake head completely folds together for easy storage- we hang our tools on wall clips. Then when you use, you can slide it open partially or completely out depending on the need. Fairly sturdy light weight metal (aluminum), lasts.

These can be purchased from many places including Walma

PRODUCT REVIEW: Hotwire Clips For Vinyl Fence

This could be one of the greatest products we have ever come across. An inexpensive plastic clip that slips over vinyl fence to hold hotwire or electric ribbon. These clips are virtually invisible with white vinyl fence, are durable, & WORK. We have acres of white vinyl around alpacas & destructive naughty horses. These clips have saved us thousands of dollars in potentially broken, damaged fence by the antics of bored animals. They are easily removeable & therefore save wear n tare or drilling

PRODUCT REVIEW: Automatic Feeders

This is an interesting product I think has value, in particular to those of us who work off the farm & really need time efficiency. These are automatic feeders with timers & ration control. They are wall mounted above your feedtroughs & can be set to dump as much feed as you want from a handful to a whole trough full. Great device if competition is an issue because it can be programmed to dump small portions throughout the day. Alpacas quickly learn to listen for the grain to fall out & go insi

PRODUCT REVIEW: Electric Cord Protectors

This is a great product we feel every farm should have. This gadget encases connections between extension cords & utility devices or other cords & protects from water. The cord connections are kept dry inside the capsules & therefore do not short out in the rain or winter weather. I cant tell you how many we have around. They can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot, or ebay. Each protector is under 10$

PRODUCT REVIEW: Fence Clip Feeders

We found this product through Stateline Tack, a horse related catalogue, but have since seen it on Amazon. It is a 2-sided feeder that hangs by clips to a WIRE fence. Very handy to have around the farm. We use these in our cria creep area, for free choice minerals & also when we're traveling. You can usually pick them up under 20$

PRODUCT REVIEW: Heated Buckets

Heated water buckets are a must for winter. We have them in every barn. Plug them inside or if you dont have electric in your barn, run a heavy guage outdoor extension cord from a power source.
There are many types of these around, but we,ve found the blue ones have the most reliable thermostats & last the longest. We have several that are over 10 yrs old & working great. They come in 2 sizes & can be found at Tractor Supply & also on Amazon

Neway Fertility Goes Country

We welcomed my new family at Neway Fertility Center for an office retreat in June. Neway is my new practice in the upper west side Manhatten. What a great time we had sharing our herd with our New York City friends! Great time with great people.

Looking forward to making this an annual event!

The Beauty of Fall

We'd just love to share some of the Fall beauty around the farm. It's such a special time of year with changes in foliage, cooler days, babies arriving. What could be better!

To Make A Garden Grow

Want to have a beautiful healthy garden? Try alpaca poop compost! Here on the farm, we do not use chemicals or fertilizers. Instead, we compost our alpaca poop and use that in our gardens, flower pots, and as fertilizer for our grazing fields in the fall. By doing so, you are not only being more eco-friendly but your plants will LOVE it! Just take a look at the bounty of our organic vegetable garden and plants around our yard. Contact your local alpaca farm and we are sure they have some to spar

DHF Family is Expanding!

We'd like to extend a huge WELCOME to Sicilia Farms who recently joined the ever growing DHF family. The Sicilia's now have Chase Tavern Mr T, a tremendous 1/2 Accoyo herdsire standing on their farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. As recent newcomers to the alpaca community, Antonio and Serenella have jumped in with a big splash, acquiring Accoyo and Snowmass girls from our showstring and Mr T to raise the bar even higher. We are thrilled to embrace them into our family and look forward to many years of f

DHF Going Global!

For the first time, we are participating in the Alpaca Coalition of America's National Fleece Collection Initiative. For this project, farms from all over the country send skirted blanket fleeces of different grades and colors to various collection sites. Collection sites are scattered throughout every region. Once collected, all the fleeces will be graded and sorted. This year at Little Creek Farm, Winnie Labrecque and an expert team will be sorting and grading. A summary report of each farm's

Our Dancing Alpaca

We've discovered that horses are not the only dancing animals around here on Dancing Horse Farm. Meet Katrina, our dancing alpaca! That's right, dancing alpaca!. We often find her walking around on her hind 2 legs, mostly trying to eat leaves off overhanging trees. Regardless of her motive, Katrina is an elegant and gifted dancer, and a very cherished member of our alpaca herd : )

In the pictures with Katrina is Avani, looking on in disbelief....

Meet Our New Foundation Female, Brandy

We'd like to start bragging about our newest addition to our elite foundation females, Pucara's Artic Legacy's Brandy. This girl is not only beautiful, she has extreme density on a very consistent beautifully structured fleece. And what genetics she has!! Her sire is Snowmass Artic Legacy XX (Snowmass Artic Wind/Snowmass Legacy Lace; now standing in Canada), and her dam is Tequila's Brandi (Hemingway). How could anyone possibly make that genetics powerhouse any better? Well, Brandy is currently

9th Annual FurFest SharkNado a Huge Success!

We just recovered from our 9th annual shearing festival, FurFest. Wheww! What a great time we had. Weather couldn't have been better, volunteers and shearers worked their tails off the entire day, but were rewarded with a big New York style "Sharknado" party. Oh, and who could forget the alpaca birth right in the middle of shearing; a special treat for everyone to see a newborn alpaca cria. For Sharknado, we had shark hats,SharkNado t-shirts for all and the open bar was stocked with Landshark be

First Day of, Spring?

ok, I hate to complain.. but...REALLY???????

Why Didn't That Dumb Groundhog See His Shadow?

While we wait with baited anticipation for that hairy furball groundhog to predict our future, we continue to shovel our way across the farm. Nothing beats a good old fashioned super-duper snowstorm with gale force winds to damper your spring spirit. This winter has been particularly wild and now our snowstorms have names like "Snowmageddon", "Snowpocalypse" and "Snowzilla". We've had enough already! But no, that bratty little rodent Phil peaks his nose out and decides 6 more weeks! Ughhhhh..

Happy New Year!

We'd like to take a moment to thank all of our clients and farmstore customers for a wonderful 2014! Our Dancing Horse Farm Family is growing each year and we couldn't be more thankful and proud. In keeping with the growth and pace of the industry, we have many changes coming this year and look forward to continued success.

Big warm hugs to all!

The Cost of a One-of-a-Kind Gift? Priceless

We've been working on this concept for a couple of years; perfecting designs, selecting special alpacas to participate, and ironing out details. After countless hours of preparing and perfecting, we have finally launched our own exclusive and entirely one-of-a-kind alpaca garments. So, what the heck does "one-of-a-kind" mean and how do we do it? Well, we start by identifying alpacas who possess exceptional density and fineness of fleece. This translates to a more luxurious feel of the finished p


Reflecting back on our recent trip to meet up with our friends Gerald and Janette of Ariya Alpagas in Montreal and to attend their annual children's fundraiser. The event, sponsored by the Perrone groupe was held on the scenic grounds of the Domaine Les Brome winery and featured an exclusive auction and live entertainment by reknown Canadian artist Zachary Richard. We then travelled north to the region of Charlevoix to visit our friends Pat and Nathalie of Alpagas de Charlevoix. Wha


Wow; can't believe we've been in the alpaca industry now for 8 years. What started as a small family venture has really blossomed into a large booming enterprise. We expanded our breeding program with the addition of elite herdsires from Snowmass and Accoyo America; we opened a virtual and on-site farm store; we joined the NJ Department of Farm Tourism; we conduct group farm tours and educational seminars about alpacas and the textile industry; we participate with local growers'/small business


A huge THANK YOU to all who made our 8th annual FurFest such a success!! Our theme this year was Wild West and boy was it fun. We think this was the best shearing festival of all; complete with many volunteers, big ole' Texas barbeque at the end, and who could forget the bull riding! All alpacas are healthy, stress-free and cool now for the summer sporting their new hair cuts. Pregnant mom's are nearing due dates in cool style. WOW. Thank you again to all, and see ya next year for our 9th annual

United States and Canada Unite!

We were thrilled to discover so much at the AOA National show; including our breeder friends from Canada! We met Janette and Gerald of Ariya Alpagas on our trip to Peru in January and instantly hit it off. We had planned to travel to Canada to visit them in August, but were super surprised when they arrived at the National show in Harrisburg, Pa 2 weeks ago!! What a special treat to share an American alpaca show with our new friends across the border.

February On The Farm

What a winter we are having! With snow and/or ice every week, we are busy keeping critters happy, warm and dry. It's a challenge to say the least. If that's not a full time job in itself, we are also getting our spring show string ready for the start of show season in March. We have 6 registered and getting halter trained for Nationals first weekend in March, then we head up to Massachusetts for North American where the competition is fierce! For now, relax and enjoy some pictures around the far

Our Peru Adventure!

Well, just settling in from our adventure in Peru! What a time we had with Wade Gease, Kevin Stoer and a small group of American and Canadian alpaca breeders. Toured much of southern and central Peru including Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Machu Picchu, as well as visiting the largest commercial mill in Peru and an allianza alpaca ranch on the Alto Plano. Met lots of new friends, had tons of laughs and made a lifetime of memories.

Our Christmas Story

As we rush around preparing for the holiday festivities, I am reminded of those things that matter most; family, friends, health. Our alpaca venture began over 8 years ago when my mother suffered her first stroke. She and I were closer than any mother/daughter and the best of friends. We did everything together and were very involved in horses since I was 3 years old. We would trail ride together nearly every night of the week in the south jersey pines, and then take off on weekends sho

Dancing Horse Farm Welcomes Rock It Riders!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Rock It Riders cycling group who stopped by the farm on Saturday 11/9 for a rest and farm tour along their 40 mile ride. It was a perfect day for a Fall outing and a good time was had by all. We served refreshments and everyone had an opportunity to shop in our farm store and to visit our maternity ward which has 13 lively babies! Thank you and come back soon!

Winner of "Mother of the Year Award"

An extraordinary alpaca doesn't come along every day. Yes, yes, they are all special in their own ways, of course. But to win our "Mother of the Year" award takes a very special lady. This year's winner is Miss Motor Honey. After she delivered a beautiful little female of her own, an unforeseen tragedy occurred and we were faced with a 2 month old orphan cria from another mom. I immediately thought Miss Motor Honey may make a terrific nurse-mom for our orphan, but trying to convince her was no e

What's Next???

Our summer projects are under way; we've finished a fencing project in the boy's yards and are busy working on an ongoing irrigation project for all of the alpaca paddocks. In addition, there's always some type of construction or renovation to our 160 year old farmhouse. So, with all of this coming to completion soon, the question arises, "What next?". Well..........babies of course! Fall babies will begin arriving September 1st!!!! For deliveries and due dates, drop down our "More Info" tab and

Lazy Summer Days...

Looking for something to do this summer? Come on over and check out our great summer deals on alpacas. Enjoy a cool glass of lemonade and have fun just watching the antics of the little ones in our maternity ward. Pictured is Josephine's baby boy,"Curly", playing with his very patient Aunt Yellow Moon. All the moms put up with a lot from these toddlers goofing off!


We are very privileged and excited that our article, "Challenges Facing Alpaca Breeders Today" has been accepted by Alpacas Magazine and is featured in the new SPRING ISSUE! Check it out today! Please contact us to talk about ways in which you can optimize space, grazing, or get the most out of your marketing dollars. New breeders-let us help you get started practically and efficiently!

We'd like to extend a special 'thank you' to AOBA and Alpacas Magazine for allowing us to share our

Sunset on the Farm

Enjoy a special farm sunset with us! Imagine all this and alpacas, too. What a wonderful life. As Montgomery Gentry quoted, "That's something to be proud of, it's a life you can hang your hat on..." Cheers, everyone!

Babies are Arriving!!!!!!!!!!

Spring babies are arriving and so far, we are amazed at the fiber Lenox has put on every single one! Josephine had what Tim and I think is THE best male born on the farm; a big strapping fellow we nicknamed "Curly". Then Lotta delivered an 18 lb MB cutie female sired by Lenox. Yesterday, Yellow Moon surprised us with a whopping 20lb white girl with the longest legs you can imagine-in the middle of tropical storm Andrea, no less! All moms and babies doing great. Great job Lenox for this year's su

Shearing Time!!

We just celebrated our 7th annual FurFest shearing event on May 19th. Although the weather didn't want to cooperate with us, we all had a great time and all alpacas are now sporting their new summer haircuts. Many thanks to all who braved the rain to join us and worked their tails off ! The pig roast party after shearing was especially good, too. You're all awesome!


We want to extend a special thanks and congratulations to Pine Meadow Alpacas for their purchase of DHF The Dominator. Dominator is a wonderful jr herdsire who has proven himself in the showring in his impossible white male classes, and is ready to prove himself as an elite herdsire. Dominator will be showing this spring at MAPACA Jubilee and AOBA Nationals. Please join us to cheer on "Dom" and the Paine's!!!!

Show Season Is Right Around The Corner......

We're busy getting little ones halter trained and ready for their first show. Look for us at North American in a couple of weeks!

Babies in the Snow!

What could be cuter than seeing babies in the snow on OUR farm?

Seeing babies in the snow on YOUR farm!

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get started with alpacas. Many financing options available, including interest-free terms and PayPal.


Dancing Horse Farm would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Bell House Alpacas of Parkville, Maryland! Bell House Alpacas recently booked breedings to 2 of our headliner herdsires: Lenox Lewis and Accoyo America Samba. We drove the boys down to Maryland for the breedings and had a wonderful visit with Dave and Ruth Nye.

Contact us today to inquire about our mobile breeding services!!

New Addition to our farm!

Dancing Horse Farm is proud to announce the arrival of Accoyo America Manchuria! Manchuria is a full accoyo with amazing dense fiber, and perfect compact frame. She has El Nino, and Reyna in her genetics; Greg told us that Reyna is one of his first import females and is still a favorite and top producing foundation female. Manchuria is no disappointment and we cannot wait to get her out in the ring next spring!! Welcome to NJ, Manchuria!!!

Snowass Royal Asset Surprise!

Well, we have been anxiously awaiting our first cria from Snowmass Royal Asset. And, what a huge surprise he had in store for us. His first cria was born about 2 weeks ago; a healthy BLACK female! Yes, that's right. BLACK! WOW, we couldn't be more surprised and thrilled to find out that Asset carries a black recessive gene. All we can say is, WOW!
Anyone interested in top fawn genetics (Royal Rose, Legacy), with a black twist? Stand in line for Asset. Outside breedings are restricted, but a

Recent Norm Evans Workshop

Dancing Horse Farm recently attended the Norm Evans/Wade Geese 2-day seminar and workshop in Virginia. It was equally well attended by established breeders as well as new breeders. Many new breeders; Really giving us encouragement that the market is coming back and that the alpaca industry remains strong.
It was as usual very informative. No matter how many times we hear Dr Evans, we always walk away with something new. He had a focus this time around on linked genetic traits -which traits

Spring Breedings

Yeayyyyy...we are so excited this year! We have amazing top show prospect Lenox cria on the ground and Samba has begun settling females. What could be better!