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Recent Norm Evans Workshop

Dancing Horse Farm recently attended the Norm Evans/Wade Geese 2-day seminar and workshop in Virginia. It was equally well attended by established breeders as well as new breeders. Many new breeders; Really giving us encouragement that the market is coming back and that the alpaca industry remains strong.
It was as usual very informative. No matter how many times we hear Dr Evans, we always walk away with something new. He had a focus this time around on linked genetic traits -which traits are more inheritable through the male or female-and alot of new information on skin biopsy results and practical interpretations. Did some hands-on judging with Wade and what goes through their minds when they are judging a class. And, had some ultrasound lessons with Norm. All in all a good experience. Made some new friends, reunited with "old" friends and just had a good time. Thanks to Virginia Breeders Alpaca Farm for a nice event!!