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What's Popping Up in Your Pastures?

There are so many common poisonous or noxious plants, trees and berries in our region that we have to watch out for around our alpacas. We hear of these over and over: wild cherry, buttercups, red oak, azalea, rhododendron, hemlock, the list goes on and on. But what about the more unusual health threats that can pop up in your pastures? In this article, I will describe a few dangerous plants found in the mid-atlantic region that may be overlooked for their rarity, or toxic and negative eff... read full article

The Costs & Benefits of Line Breeding Alpacas

Examples From One Herd

In recent years, US alpaca breeders’ continued efforts to produce incremental improvements in alpaca phenotypes, combined with the related and parallel trend of loss of genetic diversity within the closed US alpaca population, has increased interest in understanding the implications of line breeding alpacas. Unfortunately, while there has been substantial research on line breeding results in some other livestock species, there is little species-specific guidance available for alpaca breeders, a... read full article

Can a Cria’s Immunity Be Predicted By the Dam’s IgG Before Birth?

Can a Cria’s Immunity Be Predicted By the Dam’s IgG Before Birth?
Kim Gleason1, PhD, Lynn Edens2, and Arturo Pena2
1 Dancing Horse Farm, Pemberton, NJ; 2Little Creek Farm, North Salem, NY

That is one question that Kim Gleason and Lynn Edens asked over a year ago when they began a multi-faceted, multi-site research study. One of the goals of their massive research project was to determine if an IgG sample taken from females within 60 days of anticipated birth could predict failure of passive... read full article

Do Differences in Maternal Immunoglobulin G Influence Passive Transfer and Subsequent Cria Growth in Alpacas?

We are very proud to announce that the first part of our year-long research study has been accepted for publication in the prestigious scientific veterinary journal, Theriogenology. I was thrilled to have our work recognized by the scientific community & given the opportunity to present our findings at the Theriogenology annual meeting in July. This important study was overwhelmingly received positively by veterinarians from all over the country:

Do Differences I... read full article

What Is An Alpaca?

Alpacas are South American camelids, cousins to the larger framed llama and smaller deer-like vicuna. The majority of alpacas come from Chile, Bolivia, and the mountains of Peru. In Peru, native Indians, called the Quechua Indians maintain and preserve wild alpaca herds. Alpacas were first imported into this country in the mid 1980's. With the threat of mad cow disease and other deadly infectious diseases, howeve... read full article

One Lucky Day

Witnessing an Alpaca Birth

They say a watched pot never boils. Nothing could be more true when anticipating an alpaca birth. We spend countless hours staring at our pregnant females looking for signs of impending labor, despite the fact that there is no real consistency of what the heck we’re looking for. Some expectant moms may seem restless, a few may just lay around, but most don’t seem any different at all; even within a few hours of giving birth. We’ve looked and examined moms-to-be every which way, angle, direct... read full article

Challenges Facing Breeders Today

Thank you for your interest in our articles. This article has been submitted to Alpacas Magazine and has been accepted. Please look for us in this spring issue!!! ... read full article

The Truth About Common Alpaca Myths

The Alpaca Industry Today

There's so much information out there about alpacas and the alpaca industry today that quite often new folks thinking about first time investing in alpacas can become overwhelmed and confused. At Dancing Horse Farm, we're not only involved in agriculture tourism in New Jersey, we welcome anyone to our farm to learn about alpacas, the alpaca industry, and the micro-textile industry. We listen to what folks say about what they've "heard" about alpacas, investing, and where they think the alpaca in... read full article