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Conversano IV X Erica VI

Conversano IV X Erica VI

Trained Through Upper Level

Conversano II X Beladonna VI

Horse, Lipizzan, Male

DOB: 3/29/1994 ()


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We specialize in working with young dressage prospects from getting started through training level and beyond. We have worked with Lipizzans in particular for over 20 years; and why not, they have been bred for dressage for over 400 years!

At this time, we are not accepting any new projects, as we have 3 on the farm right now working at various stages from groundwork to training level, and 2nd level. Pictured is "Howard Huge", a Lipizzan stallion we have owned and trained since he was 12 months old!

We are the original Dancing Horse Farm.

Contact us for availability and openings.

Updated 12/11/2018